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Pokemon Bundles Ireland
Pokemon Bundles Ireland are thrilled to be bringing their Pokémon card stall experience to the Blue Skies Craft and Food Market on Sunday 14th August.

Tony and his family own one of Ireland’s largest selections of Pokémon cards for kids and can’t wait to meet all the little Pokémon fans in Tipperary (and beyond)! Kids can come to their stall and pick out exactly the cards they want. This means the kids leave happy, and when the kids are happy, the parents are happy too!

Tony was a senior manager in the private sector and Anna was a visual merchandiser in fashion, but they both decided to take the leap to being small business owners! Pokémon is their passion since 1999, and this business is a dream come true for both of them!

Tony and Anna are Pokémon experts and love chatting with the kids, whether it’s about their favourite Pokémon cards in their collection or who they think would win in a fight between their two favourite Pokémon. They promise a great day for the kiddies and the parents can browse the rest of the market knowing the little ones are content looking through their new cards.

Kids can bring the collections to show Tony & Anna – we can then highlight any cards that may be valuable so parents can keep them safe!

We cant wait to have Tony & Anna join us on Sunday the 14th from 10.30am to 4pm.

Pokemon Bundles Ireland Pokemon Bundles Ireland Pokemon Bundles Ireland

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