Hints & Tips

We will be updating this list which we hope will assist you in getting the best out of our markets.

•   Ensure you have a nice clean pressed table cloth that reaches within a couple of inches of the ground. This also
    enables you to store your empty boxes underneath your table without them being an eyesore.

•   We strongly recommend you purchase fitted tablecloths (available on Amazon) for your tables as they don't blow
about in the wind.

•   Ensure all your products are priced as customers are more likely to buy if they can clearly see a price displayed.

•   Obtain a float so you have plenty of change.

•   We advise you to purchase a card reader as more and more customers are paying by card. Many crafters use
     Sum-Up but ask on our WhatsApp group what others use.

•   Give some height to your stall, i.e. don't have all your products flat on a table. Look at purchasing some wooden
    crates or display stands to give structure to your display with different levels – ask on our WhatsApp group what
    others use.

•   Have a practice run with your layout before each market and take photos so that you can remember where     everything goes!

•   Have a company sign or banner up so that people, from a distance, can see what your stall is about.

•   Have some business cards that customers can pick up off your table. If they don't buy on the day they may well get     in touch with you at a later date.

•   If it is the first time you have had a stall at a market, try and visit some other markets to get ideas for how to display
    your products.

•   Blue Skies Craft and Food Market urges all stallholders to obtain Public Liability Insurance. The main company
    which the majority of people use is MAST.

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